• Letizia: Charming Tuscan House on the edge of a Medieval Village


    Podere Letizia

    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_santa-lucia-2.jpg]The House
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_south-facade.jpg]The South Facade
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_south-entrance.jpg]South Entrance
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_south-facade2.jpg]South Facade
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_facade2.jpg]West Facade
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_facade.jpg]West Facade
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_first-floor-loggia.jpg]First Floor Loggia
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_ground-floor-porch.jpg]Grond Floor Porch
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_p3130004.jpg]Future bathroom
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_p3130007.jpg]Future bedroom
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_p3130043.jpg]Views over the valley
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_southwest.jpg]South West
    [img src=http://www.propertyintuscany.it/wp-content/flagallery/podere-letizia/thumbs/thumbs_southwest2.jpg]South West

    Charming Tuscan House on the edge of Montisi, with garden, little vineyard and olive grove

    Guide Price € 825.000
    Approx 300 sqmt
    Land:  1ha: garden,Val d’Orcia vineyard, olive grove
    Porch, Loggia, Pool possible
    3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
    3 Reception Rooms
    Energy Class to be defined
    Ref: C204/AM

    Farmhouse for sale near a tuscan village. Charming Tuscan house set on a panoramic natural terrace with lovely views over the valley, on the edge of a medieval village.

    Classic  Tuscan structure, stone and brick facade, with a pleasing loggia and its own garden, little vineyard and olive grove all around, it offers the incredible opportunity of creating your own house without  worrying for big works of consolidation and insulation, which have been already accomplished, roof included. The House has been restored, only floors, heating and plumbing systems and bathrooms must be completed.

    The porch introduces to the interior spaces which can be transformed into a living room with open fireplace, dining room and kitchen, study and one bathroom.

    At the first floor can be realized three bedrooms with ensuite, with the pleasant loggia overlooking the garden. Studio or guest room with independent entrance and space for an attic.

    Garage, cellar, storage and technical room. Electricity& water from the mains on the premises.

    The quiet countryside, the serene atmosphere, the walking distance to the village together with its own  garden, vineyard and olive grove make of Podere Letizia a magnificent opportunity at an excellent price!