Who we are


Anna Maria Redi
From an old Florentine- Lucchese family, I grew up in Milan, where I graduated in Foreign Languages, Literatures and Philology. I am a licensed Realtor, and I am qualified in Tourism and Hotel Management. After organising and running resorts in the tourist industry, I am now dedicated to the property business, specialised in Period Town and Country Homes, Estates and Hotels. My office, named ARCADIA in Toscana, is based in San Giovanni d’Asso, Montalcino and in Via Soccini 47, Buonconvento, both in South of Siena.
Francesco Redi ARCADIA IN TOSCANA , a brief history
The ‘Accademia dell’Arcadia’ was created in 1690, when fourteen men of letters met in Rome in the garden of the Minor Friars of San Pietro in Montorio. It was a school of philosophy and a literary movement, whose intention was to counterbalance certain excesses in the Baroque style.These poets belonged to the circle surrounding Queen Christina of Sweden, a member of which was my ancestor Francesco Redi, poet, physician and naturalist.They regarded Arcadia in Greece as a pleasant countryside where life flowed as serenely and simply as the pastoral melodies of the shepherds. ‘Re-create Arcadia’ was the dominant theme of the Academy – to bring that idyllic atmosphere into Poetry.This became the natural inspiration for my company, which is involved in the search for ideal places to live in, amid the sweet hills of Tuscany, thus to rediscover our own rhythms and philosophy of life . . . Arcadia In Toscana.