La nostra Filosofia

  • An artist's view Hardress Waller,2008-09 Towards Torrenieri, Oil on Canvas 50x90

  • In the countryside

  • In a village

I do this job because I love it. I love to find new houses, to visualise their potential, and to imagine how thy will be once remodelled, helping people to find the right one for themselves.

When I arrived here from Milan 20 years ago, I had to go through the same experiences that clients had or have to face when buying their home . . . look for the right property, find and have the courage to choose it, investigate the whole situation: legal issues, notaries, permissions from the town hall. Then I had to find the proper artisans, builders, everything: meanwhile learning all the differences between what my expectations were, as a city person, and the actual circumstances of country life in a little village, where life goes on at a very different pace from a big city.

Problems were caused by dirt roads, not by elevators. Water and telephone weren’t necessarily there, and you had to book your wood in August to get it right in the autumn for your fireplace.

Relationships with people were completely different from the ones I was used to in Milan: I had to understand the way people saw life, their different habits and points of view. Everybody knew everybody, many of them had been together in the same village their whole life, and some of them had hardly visited different towns and cities or countries. People were – are! called by their name, not by their profession: nobody goes to the tobacconist’s, one just goes to Domenico’s, for instance, and everybody’s going to Massimo’s to have a nice supper.

Slowly slowly I started to get used to this new vision of life, and that’s what I feel I am doing when I help my clients with all necessary information, introducing them to the Tuscan country life, ‘translating’ not only words, but experiences; and then having the reward of seeing how well it suits everybody, and the pleasure with which they adapt to life around here, wherever they come from.