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from_RZiliani Anna Maria Redi has made my dream become true. With patience, competence and diplomacy she advised me to buy a period property of 350 m2 in Montisi, which turned out being an excellent investment for me. She then helped me in the restoration: I know I have been a difficult client, but I wanted to obtain the maximum result from my property, and Anna Maria made it! I really appreciate her job, and I am grateful to her.

Roberto Ziliani

Contemporary Light and Ikons
from_JamesHadley Anna Maria is a consummate professional. She knows the local market very well, with friends and resources in local villages that other brokers might not be able to touch, even in this era of internet advertising. She is very experienced. She listens to and is then able to focus on a client’s needs, desires and dreams, not steering one in directions that are not workable. She has well established connections with local geometers, builders and others that can provide guidance regarding remodeling or rebuilding historic structures. She is well respected in her community, recognized as a person of integrity by people of all backgrounds and nationalities. Her negotiating skills and tact, when accompanied by her language abilities make her an indispensable resource, particularly for people from outside the area.

James E.Hadley
Attorney in Seattle, Washington
from_MarciaGamble As an Estate Agent Anna Maria showed me over 25 houses, over a several month period. Her knowledge of the area and the houses and land is extraordinary. People seem to seek her out, quietly, when they think of parting with their properties. For us, she was central to our purchase of our lovely home. There were last minute, unexpected surprises and she negotiated us through them all in a great win-win. She is very professional and well-liked in the communities in which she works. I would highly recommend her.
As a Project manager:
Undertaking the restoration and remodeling of nearly 6,000 square feet of Italian stone house in the middle of a village was a daunting task even for a trained architect. Anna Maria has a wonderful sense of design, authenticity and a wide network of local craftsmen and professionals. She maintains good working relationships with all her tradesmen and artisans and is able to keep costs in control. Working with her and with the team she assembled was one of the great pleasures. We progressed quickly and installed all the new systems within 18 months and the house is pure joy for our family and friends. I am still greeted warmly by members of the design and construction team when I meet them in the village.

Marcia Gamble,
from_FriederichHahn Anna Maria Redi has been acting as an exclusive real estate agent for selling our property. Thanks to her well established network, she could find a serious client even in today’s soft market.We appreciated her high degree of professionalism and experience as well as her attitude versus clients and ourselves. Due to her fluency in English and French, communication has never been a question.She provided perfect support with concern to legal subjects and also took care of an orderly settlement of financial affairs.We are very content with her performance and could recommend her as a realtor.

Friederich Hahn
Industry Consulting,
Frankfurt, Germany