Period Town and Country Houses, Farmhouses, Villas, Hamlets, Castles, Estates and Wine Farms.
Why are these fascinating Properties sought after by people from all over the world, and are considered a good investment?

Three simple words: Location, Quality, Lifestyle.
Three simple rules world-wide known as the very first step for a good real estate investment.

The most desirable locations with the highest home values are those in prime sites. Apart from the real estate refrain ‘location, location, location’, everyone recognizes the effects of environmental quality and landscaping on property values. Properties providing scenic views over oceans, mountains, rolling hills, or cityscapes hold their value because of the location. 
The Siena and Val d’Orcia Hills  bring together all this, world-wide famous for their scenic beauty, their incredible history and architecture, representing one of the most desirable and valuable locations in the world. Not to mention that it is practically pollution free, with an excellent air quality. Please visit our Area&Lifestyle.

Many factors contribute to create and assess quality. Site and size of the house, the size of the land, the age and architectural style,  the finish quality of the house and its potential.
You will find here Precious Houses of unique character and quality, nestled in a magnificent landscape or charming villages, preserved with absolute respect for tradition: and so it will be forever, especially  in front of your favorite place for your morning coffee. When you buy your house, it comes with an untouchable view, protected in perpetuity: which will safeguard its value over the time. Remember: you an change the details of your house, yet not what surrounds it! Please visit our About Properties. 

Beyond its beautiful scenery, this part of Tuscany offers a special lifestyle: the celebrated excellence of food and wines, little restaurants and trattorias, museums, concerts and pageants, charming people that welcome you to join in with their cultural events….and an exquisite harmony surrounding all this…

This attracts many people who share the same values and lifestyle, creating a friendly and stable Italian and International Community, which particularly appreciates this unique atmosphere.
Another good point which enhances the property value of this area. Please visit our Area&Lifestyle.

In so many words, you will find here Quality Homes in Treasured Locations, with a Special Lifestyle.
 A Safe Investment which maintains and magnifies its Value over time.

Above all, an investment in your own Quality of Life.


We are an English and Italian speaking licensed company, offering a friendly, personalised Property Search & Consultancy Service from our own Portfolio, and a further selection of properties by connection with ‘Tuscany Keys’, our Real Estate Network of partner agencies.


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